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Come and join us at our Sunday Worship Services which are held at UBF Church Morningside at 10:45 am every Sunday morning.

1335 Morningside Ave. Unit #4

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Thanksgiving Picnic

We thank and praise God’s name that God has been blessed our North York Ministry so much and so powerfully.

On Thanksgiving Day (Oct 10th) we went to Milliken Park for a picnic. God blessed us with great weather which gave us another reason to be truly thankful. Although our lovely brother John departed for Korea, we enjoyed our picnic joyfully and thanked God for sending him to Korea to find his life direction and meet God personally.Description: reading

“Because He First Loved Us…”

We thank God for the 2011 Canadian UBF summer bible conference held in Queen’s University in the beautiful city of Kingston. The theme of this conference was “…because He first loved us.” Most people have heard that “God loves us because God is love…” but how many truly know God’s love? Through this conference we were able to experience and get an in-depth understanding of God’s real love for humanity.Continue reading

“Follow Me!”

“Follow Me!”
2011 North York UBF Spring Bible Retreat Summary

Our ministry went on a journey to a remote countryside northwest of Toronto called “Countryside Camp”. It provided a break in our daily routines and an opportunity for a long awaited rest from the busy city bustle and hectic school and work schedules. The theme of the bible retreat was “FOLLOW ME!” Here the word “me” refers to Jesus, it seems so obvious, but through the retreat we were challenged to examine ourselves. “Are we really following Jesus? or something/someone else?”Continue reading