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Come and join us at our Sunday Worship Services which are held at UBF Church Morningside at 10:45 am every Sunday morning.

1335 Morningside Ave. Unit #4

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“So Loved” 2013 UBF International Summer Bible Conference

Registration Information

• Target launch date: September 23, 2012

• One basic fee for housing & other costs

• A separate meal plan cost—3 options

• Early Bird rate (Sept.23 through Nov. 31); Early rate (by May 31); Walk-in rate after June 1st, 2013

• Students can pay in installments over eleven months

• Invite friends through registration system

• Pick roommatesContinue reading

“I Desire Mercy”


On June 22-24 members of North York UBF attended the Toronto GTA,
Hamilton and Guelph regional conference in Ignite Camp and Retreat Centre  with the theme
of “I desire mercy.” Throughout the weekend we heard the powerful
words of God being spoken by all the speakers that really hit home. There
were also a number of testimony speakers which was encouraging and
beautiful to hear how God was worked and continues to work in the
lives of those who follow his teachings. Dramas, dances and videos
were also used to demonstrate God’s mercy for us.Continue reading

“UR” Disciples Meeting Underway!

On the evening of Friday May 11th, the young disciples began to look at the early church, as written about in the book of Acts and to examine issues and topics pertaining to what the Bible says about them. On this first meeting though, we looked at what it means to be disciple of Jesus. The word disciple, especially in a Christian context comes with it a lot of stigma and presuppositions when it is used. It can often be unclear what a disciple and what it entails. To understand what the Bible teaches about being a disciple Andrew Han Jr. gave a presentation that looked at the first disciples and the process and struggles that came for them with following Jesus.Continue reading

CBF is finally here!

On Sunday, May 6 the first ever CBF (Children’s Bible Fellowship) arrived in North York UBF. It was a very busy and jam-packed session for the four students who showed up to the first meeting. When they began the students were treated to one to one explanation of this week’s story, God creating the World, by their respective Bible Teachers.

Next, the students watched a magnificent video illustrating the story that was very moving. Afterwards the students were treated to some passionate worship led by Bible Teachers Mark Lee and Becky Kim. Then the students were asked some tricky questions about the story by the tough Principal Moses. In exchange for getting the correct answer the students were given beautiful stickers.

Finally, the students coloured in a drawing of the many different animals that God has made. With such fun and interactive activities it looks to be a very exciting time for those in CBF. Praise God!

-Written by Joel Fast