On March 8-9 North York UBF went on our annual Spring Retreat at Ganaraska Woods Retreat Centre. This event’s theme was based on Foundations, looking in depth about some of the fundamentals involved in our relationship with God, namely prayer and God’s word the bible. On Saturday evening Ernest Chan delivered a powerful messaged based on Luke 6:43-49, on the difference between the wise and foolish builder. We are wise builders if we take God’s words and put them into practice. After the message Mark Lee and Jon-Marc Hennie told their life testimonies of how God worked in their lives in the past and present, and how they can be assured God is working in the future. Then Hannah Kwak did a missionary biography about Ida Scudder.

Sunday morning, Paul Lee Jr. gave the sermon based on Matthew 6:5-15, the Lord’s Prayer, looking at it in great detail about what this well known passage tells us about God, and our relationship to God and other people. Afterwards Jessica Poirier gave her testimony, and Jonathan Lee did a missionary profile on Jonathan Goforth.

The retreat offered us a timeout from our normal working lifestyle and gave everyone an opportunity to individually asses how alive and active our relationship with God is, and gave us a glimpse of what it should be like, if we felt unsatisfied with the current dynamic. I trust God continue to work in each person’s life every day, and that it would be mutual, to allow him to mold us in his image.

– Reported by Joel Fast

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